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“We spend days in the familiar world of our five senses, but what lies beyond that, if anything, we have no idea” [1]. Our five main senses are something we rely on daily to provide us with information about the outside world, however, our senses are often tricked into feeling something that is not actually happening.


Veronica is an artist from Russia, half American, half Russian, located in the UK. She began her artistic career painting, especially focusing a lot of attention on portraits. However, in the past few years, while doing her BA at the University of Worcester, she has transferred her work into creating installations and performances, attempting to discover the secrets that lie behind the brain. First, Veronica focused mostly on the literal concept of the brain, however, she slowly moved on into researching consciousness and memory, now mostly focusing on perception and the senses.


Her present work, as part of her MA at the University of Brighton, is concentrated mainly on Installation Art, creating different types of participatory installations. During her MA, Veronica has looked at ways of reducing stress through Intense fear and calmness. Additionally, she has been researching human fragility by collecting personal memories from her family members and friends.


Commonly, Veronica’s main techniques for this research are the use of darkness vs light, together with sound and visual stimulation, attempting to intensify the sensory experience for the audience. Nevertheless,  due to Covid 19 lockdown, Veronica has transposed her work in order to suite online format.


[1] Easwaran, E. (2007). The Bhagavad Gita:(Classics of Indian Spirituality) (Vol. 1). Nilgiri Press.

Veronica Ponomaryova-Stepnaya

BA Fine Art and Psychology

MA Fine Art

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